The project detail page lists all of the tests in a project.  It is where you can see the status of your project, add new tests, and update existing tests. Generally each test corresponds to a function or use case and is based upon a test workbook--a spreadsheet on which you define the inputs, environment conditions, expected results, and values.


Click My Projects or Home to return to the My Projects page--the list of all of your projects.

Test List

Click the name of the test to go to the test detail page and to see each of the test cases.

Click the file icons to download the test documents

Upload TAME Files

Drag and Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet to this box or click Select Files and select a spreadsheet manually.

Once you have selected one or more files, click Upload and the files will be processed to create or update tests in the project.

Download a blank workbook

This takes you to a page from which you can obtain a blank TAME workbook in order to get started.

Edit this project's description

Click this to change the title and/or description of the project.

Delete this project

Click this link to completely remove the project.  Note that this link is disabled for projects that contain one or more tests.