You can be waterfall or agile. You can be big or small. You can be legacy or cutting-edge.

No matter your approach, if you build systems, you know you have to test. And you need a lot of test cases to do it right.

But where do you get all of those test cases? Someone still has to write them, and that can be a boring, repetitive slog.

TAME—Test Authoring Made Easy—is a test authoring system that does the hard work of generating comprehensive tests from simple specifications. There are no difficult scripting languages or complex graphical notations to learn. Writing tests with TAME is as easy as filling out a table. Create normal, alternate, and exception scenarios from one simple source. TAME does the hard work of following your rules to form combinations and produce dozens of useful test cases all at once.

TAME can be applied at any level of software testing to create tests for single UI pages or code functions, use cases and user stories, complete business processes, and whole systems. Enhance your software then update your test base in minutes. Easily maintain a consistent, reliable suite of tests. TAME produces detailed protocols for manual testing and can even generate code and scripts for automated tests.

The result is a set of test cases—exhaustive enough to give your software a good workout—but intelligent enough to not waste time and effort.